Campus Estates Hairstyling Guelph
Campus Estates Hairstylng
35 Harvard Rd, Guelph


Cuts & Styling

Whether it’s thanksgiving dinner or a hot date, Campus Estates will design the perfect haircut for the occasion.

Our staff will create a style that reflects you personally!


Haircuts and styles


Bang trim $5.78 plus tax

Beard trim $15.02 plus tax

Blowdry/set $34.65 plus tax

Kid's (under 10) starting at $18.48 plus tax

Men's cut $28.88 plus tax

Buzz cut $21.95 plus tax

Shampoo only $12.71 plus tax

Wash/cut $40.43 plus tax

Wash/cut Long $51.98 plus tax

Wash/cut/blowdry/no curls $50.82 plus tax

Wash/cut/blowdry Long $60.06 plus tax

Wash/cut/style (long hair) $75.08 plus tax

Women's cut/style $60.06 plus tax

Flat Iron/Curl Iron $23.10 plus tax

Flat Iron/Curl Iron long $49.50 plus tax

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